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  • All Shipments are shipped from New Jersey through UPS Ground service (1-5 Business Days) for the United States. If you want to expedite your shipment, there is UPS 2nd Day shipping available which will cost you extra. 
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  • It takes 1-2 Business Days for your order to be shipped out from the Han Bang Nara warehouse located in New Jersey. If there needs modifications in shipping information, please kindly contact thru our Contact Form within 12 hours to avoid delays in your shipment.
  • To put it simple, it takes 2-7 business days depending on your shipping location.
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  • Unfortunately, we are not offering shipments outside of the United States territory.

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  • Currently, we offer free-shipping for any orders over $199. Otherwise, the shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the destination, weight, sizes of your purchases. This calculated shipping costs can be viewed at the checkout page.

Shipment Not Received (Lost Parcels)

  • If your shipments happen to be lost during transit, please do not hesitate to contact us within 14 days prior to the date that tracking number indicates it to be delivered complete. We will initiate a search and advise you of our findings. Don’t worry, we have very kind customer service agents that can assist you through
“보약” 그것이 알고 싶다.

“보약” 그것이 알고 싶다.

By Vincent Ha

“齒亡唇亦支(치망순역지)” “이가 없으면 잇몸(입술)으로 산다” 아마도 치과의사들이 듣기 싫어하는 우스갯소리 일것이다. 그럼 한의사들이 싫어하는 말은 무엇일까? “밥이 보약이다”. 밥만 먹어서 몸이 좋아진다면 그 많은 약들은 없어져야 할것이다. 이번 칼럼에서는 보약의...

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경옥고의 효능

경옥고의 효능

By Vincent Ha

경옥고는 공진단 등과 함께 한방을 대표하는 보약이며, <동의보감>의 수많은 처방 중 첫 번째로 기재되어 있는 처방이기도 합니다. 조선왕조실록에는 영조가 83세까지 장수한 건강비법이 경옥고였다고 기록되어 있으며, 승정원 일기에도 300번 이상 등장합니다....

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